The abysmal “revelations” of Mirza Qadiani: Broken English

The “revelations” of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, the false prophet, are some of the most laughable failures that expose his condition. His english revelations are one example in a long list.

Mirza claimed to receive revelation from God in the english language. This was supposedly a miracle, as he did not know any english himself.

Below is an index from the book “Tadhkirah”. It contains each english revelation he received, and the page number.

A PDF of the book:


Note how they are all very simple, some are one word, most are not complete sentences, and there are tons of grammar errors. It's a list of broken english. Some examples: “We can what we will do”, “You have to go Amritsar”, “You must do what I told you”

You're telling me God makes grammar mistakes? That he reveals broken english? English that sounds like it came from some indian who learned it as a second language?

Broken english is supposedly a miraculous revelation. It's even more miraculous that Mirza didn't know any english, while biographies of him by his own followers record him attending english classes!

The source for the above screenshot from “Life of Ahmad”: